Year of the Pig 2019

Year of the Pig 2019

Monday, 30 May 2016


AUSTERITY finally hits the doors of the French, in the most immediate and abrupt way- threatening what it is most valuable to French after the French Revolution: their work rights and wages. It was a GERMAN  PROMISE that the French society- (ravaged by an unsolved post-colonialism and a series of bad diplomatic moves in the middle East, resulting to many recent terrorist attacks in the country's interior) - seemed to have forgotten. Now that Berlin is determined to "settle things in a country REALLY ON DEFICIT, which affects the German tax payer", the French deal with their final call, contemplating bitterly-(alas!! too late?)- on the fate of the European countries that already paid an intolerable big chunk of their assets to Frankfurt.
Will Paris burn again and for how long? I guess it is burning NOW.....  *  *

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